Ambulance Services

When you are in a medical emergency, reaching to the nearest and the best medical center is the top priority. Statistics says that more than 40 per cent casualties happen just because patients do not get medical aid in time. We at Patient Seva realize the importance of punctuality and reliability. Therefore, when you are searching for the perfect ambulance service in an emergency situation, we are the one-stop solution. Team Patient Seva is dedicated serving patients with world-class ambulance services that are well-equipped with necessary medical aid and life support systems. Ranging from multipurpose ambulance services to specialty vehicles and from casualty vans to body freezers, we offer the complete spectrum of services to people.

For us, reaching to the affected people is the foremost thing

Online assistance and round-the-clock support make us distinct service providers in the niche. We know that you are in the utmost state of panicky and distress. Hence, we don’t believe in probing about the type of emergency. Since all of our vehicles are well-equipped with state-of-the-art machines, our aim is to reach to the patient within the minimum possible time. Drivers, attendants and the paramedical staff manned in our vehicles can manage even critical patients with the best care. They have the skills and knacks of offering assistance to patients facing multi-organ failure with the most modern life support systems. Our teams have successfully taken patients suffering from myocardial attacks, angina, arrhythmia, asthmatic attacks or severe infections to the hospitals by providing the best possible treatment during transit. We are capable of handling unexpected complications or emergencies emerging in the transit.

A fleet of specialized and general-purpose ambulances

An ambulance plays a vital role in saving precious life of people, especially during emergencies. Since each emergency is different, Patient Seva doesn’t want to offer the same vehicle for everyone. We have a fleet of specialty and general purpose vehicles to choose the best suitable one for your needs:

ICU Ambulanceambulance1

When patients get in-transit treatment just like a super-specialty ICU, the chances of survival increase dramatically. We have the best-equipped ambulance vehicles that can take good care of your near and dear ones. When the top life support system manages the things while the patient is on the move, in the majority of the cases it comes out to be a life-saving situation.

Ventilator Ambulancemedical-27-128 (1)

When the patient is in really critical condition (for example multi-organ failure), then you need an ambulance with ventilator where the machine takes charge of the maximum body functionality during the journey. It saves patient’s life.

Mini Ambulanceambulance

It is a small and swift vehicle for relatively simple medical situations. The vehicles are loaded with limited healthcare systems, and they can reach interior and congested areas without any trouble.

Body Freezers Ambulanceambulance 2

In the unfortunate event of a casualty, we carry the body in highly sophisticated, well-maintained body freezers. Patient Seva takes the maximum care to keep the bodies intact, free from decomposition or decay.

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