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At times, you are in a dilemma of choosing the best treatment plan when you or your near and dear one faces some critical health problem. Here, you need a second opinion to decide the right path, based on an unbiased and equally competent expert. At Patient Seva, we offer top-class service of requesting a second opinion based on the medical records and other information provided by you. Your case is evaluated by the top-notch medical experts who are experts in the niche. When the documents submitted by you are checked by our specialists, detailed diagnostics and treatment options are suggested. Studies indicate that around one-third patients change the diagnosis or treatment option after seeking a second opinion. When it is such an important aspect, you can’t take a risk of going to substandard options.

Does the second opinion help really?

Many people reject the option of seeking the second opinion based on the misconception of going through the troublesome and prolonged process once again. They want to avoid the long travel to the clinic, waiting for doctors to arrive and repeating the diagnostic tests. Don’t worry; it is not the case when you ask a second opinion through Patient Seva. When you submit the request for the second opinion, we ask the diagnostic reports and the first opinion details. That’s it! Our service certainly helps because it is based on an in-depth study. Our panel of experts looks into every minute detail of the case. Since the judgment is based on a totally unbiased decision, it is accurate. Following or not following the second opinion is at the discretion of you, but statistics say that in almost half of the cases, patients have been benefited by it.

When you can’t do it, let us do

Going through a surgical procedure or a complex treatment could be expensive and cumbersome. Whether to go for it or cure the disease by medicines would be a difficult decision. When a hard choice to be made, let it be done by an expert. It gives a reassurance about the treatment plan. You have sufficient reason to believe it. When you have someone to do it honestly and unbiased manner, there isn’t any issue. However, we are there if you can’t find someone reliable. Our experts tell you whether you need to undergo the surgery or not. Our turnaround time is the least possible and the accuracy is beyond comparison. When you seek the second opinion of your own, there are some limitations. You can’t ask opinion from an expert who is not in your city or town. When you assign the task to us, location is not any limitation. Discover the new horizons of perfection by sending us a request for the second opinion. It is guaranteed that you will get the best, always!

We maintain total confidentiality and privacy while seeking the second opinion. The panel of doctors checks the case in an unbiased and impartial manner. Avail outstanding services from the leading service provider and make sure you follow a path that is the best for you.

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